5 Essential Benefits of Medical Marijuana Could Bring into Your Life


More and more individuals are discovering the health benefits, medical marijuana can bring to their life. And each year, another few states are passing laws making recreational marijuana legal for those who want to experience good health without the prescription.

As the years go by, medical marijuana is proving to be better for various illnesses than traditional Western medicines. In Las Vegas, people are able to visit Silver Sage Wellness Dispensary for all their marijuana needs.

Here are 5 essential benefits a body experience of using medical marijuana:

Thinner and (overall) Healthier

 Individuals that use medical marijuana are more likely to be thinner and (overall) healthier than those who do not smoke the plant. Most people believe that smoking this herb makes you hungry, or gives you the “munchies“, but in general, medical marijuana is built on a healthier strain of grass, therefore the smoker remains healthier.

Cannabis users were found to have a lower insulin level than those who do not use the natural healing plant. Of course, this depends on the health of the individual as well as their overall lifestyle.

Chronic Pain Management

Smoking medical marijuana is prescribed to patients that suffer from chronic pain due to illnesses or disease. Doctors are discovering that the ancient plant is able to give relief to their patients that they can never receive through traditional pharmaceuticals.

The list of side effects is much smaller and more manageable from marijuana smoking than they are from pain pills. There is also less of an addiction factor with cannabis.

Helps with Lung Function

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), is a condition that restricts breathing by restricting airways. Lung Cancer is another disease that makes it hard to breathe.

It may seem counterproductive to smoke for lung health, but the chemical makeup of this natural plant helps to open up the lungs. Smoking regular nicotine is the cause of many lung issues, including emphysema and bronchitis.

Reduces Seizures

One of the most prevalent benefits of smoking medical grade marijuana is for those that suffer from various seizures. It is a godsend for children who have seizure disorders, but can also help adults with their seizures from Dravet’s Syndrome.

It is not known exactly what is in the process of smoking this natural plant that helps control the violence, uncontrollable nature of shaking, but it does work. It may take a few tries to come up with the right amount, but it is worth it when the individual is no longer in pain from their seizures.

Reduces Inflammation and Pain

Smoking marijuana to reduce pain and inflammation has been around for many years. Individuals suffering from illnesses such as arthritis, MS (multiple sclerosis), UC (ulcerative colitis), and Crohn’s disease, among many other inflammatory diseases, have been helping with medical marijuana.

If you have been suffering for a long period of time with an illness or disease and traditional Western pain medications are not helping, ask your doctor about medical marijuana.

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