All About THC and CBD


BD, together with THC, are the two main compounds found in homegrown cannabis. Each of these potent chemical substances portrays different roles. One is for recreational purposes, while the other one is for medicinal use.

For such reason, the legalization of cannabis pushed through a few years back. You’ll never be sorry for trying any of the popular strains available in the market.

What is THC

THC is the chemical compound that makes users fee distinct happiness and euphoria after using cannabis. Aside from that, this chemical will sedate users while giving a feeling of comfort. THC allows the brain to function by changing the messages of the neurons. It sends and receives via transmitters that flow within one’s body.

Effects of THC

Because this compound goes straight to the brain, it leaves many valuable effects on the body. The use of cannabis can trigger brain cells on producing a substance called dopamine. Such content is an element that gives euphoria and carries throughout the rest of the body parts.

THC may allow feelings of sedation, as well as relaxation that lasts for several hours. It may also change your way of thinking as its high gets into your system. It’s going to be a fun roller coaster ride!

Risks of Too Much THC

THC is something that gives people’s complete comfort during relaxation. One serious consequence that it can have on a person is its tendency to cause a relapse in seizures.

Also, THC consumption may result in possible impairment of psycho motor skills. Wherein one is no longer able to take specific actions on his own. Because of its ability to make the body numb from everything that’s that may occur in around two hours after consumption. Consumers may feel the effect and forget how to function later on with frequent use.

Also, In some studies, the findings show that there can be an impact on the person’s fertility, both men and women. Their IQ might get damaged as well as their memory and cognitive skills. Youngsters are very vulnerable to this effect

What is CBD

CBD is another notable chemical compound that cannabis carries. This compound is the main subject in giving healing benefits to its users. CBD oil is the most popular compound extracted from the cannabis plant.

This substance gives extra kick into recipes in making oils and edibles such as candies. Its purpose also is to impart a sense of relaxation and calmness. Yet, it does not need to sedate the user.

It means that CBD cannot interfere with the brain’s actions. CBD spreads the comfort and calm feeling into your whole being.

Effects of CBD

Consumption of CBD doesn’t always by smoking cannabis. Hence, also by only eating or drinking anything that contains CBD. All variants of cannabis— marijuana seeds, buds, and other derived products have CBD.

Risks of CBD Consumption

The most reported cases of side effects related to CBD consumption is via CBD oil. Some recent studies discovered that a part of the mouth has cannabinoid receptors.

Such parts receive the endocannabinoid substance called “anandamide.” This substance blocks the signals sending messages to the nervous system. Yet, in return, the mouth will dry because of halting the production of saliva.

Another side effect of CBD oil use is drowsiness. You may also feel dizzy or lightheaded when you are under some dose of CBD, but this rarely happens.

In cases like this, what you can do is to drink caffeinated beverages. In this case, it will work wonders for your body to regain its balance. Make sure to also drink a lot of water as caffeinated drinks may be dehydrating to your body.

Consumption of CBD with the right amount, there will be no problem, and instead, it will bring a lot of relief. Anything much will be wrong for you and your health. To be sure, it is best to consult a doctor to know the right amount for your condition.


There is no offsetting nor reverse the effects between these two chemicals. Yet, they complement each other as essential components of cannabis.

These two interact instead of halting with each other to boost and assist in their efficacy.

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