Can Cannabidiol Help with Autism?


Autism cannot be described as a single disease but includes the entire spectrum of conditions that affect healthy mental development. With a range of symptoms that affect each patient differently and with different levels of illness, complete healing is still not possible.

Autistic kids observe, hear, and experience the world differently than others. Disorders of neural development manifest in them as the inability of normal communication, the absence of empathy, attention disorder, and other intellectual disabilities.

Of all childhood psychiatric syndromes, autism and all its forms were the most analyzed, but the cause of its occurrence is still unknown. As with all intellectual impairments, science is trying to prove that brain damage is the root of this disease. These damages may have genetic causes, may be associated with viral infections, complications during pregnancy, etc.

Numerous studies suggest that, with the right interventions and care, people with autism can also live an independent and productive life. Changing habits and using natural products will significantly increase the quality of life for autistic people. The cure for this disease has not yet been found, although some pre-clinical research showed positive effects of cannabidiol (CBD) on autistic mice.

Symptoms that Cannabidiol Treat

In addition to the use of conventional therapies in treating autism, some homeopathic methods and products from nature will bring many enhancements to patients. CBD oil has recently been referred to as an effective drug in treating autism. But its mechanism of action is still not clarified, so scientists still hesitate to approve cannabidiol for legal use in autism patients.

People diagnosed with autism often suffer from neurological disorders such as epilepsy. Since cannabidiol is already being used as one of the therapies in the treatment of this disease, medical experts noticed positive effects on symptoms such as improved interaction with others, better focus, increased interest in the environment or people, etc.

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The inability to social interaction is one of the symptoms that most affect the lives of autistic persons. That happens because of impaired inhibitory signaling in the central nervous system. These defects cause poor focus, anxiety, avoiding eye contact, and lack of attention, which all are common symptoms for people with epilepsy and autism.

How Cannabidiol Works in Autistic People

If CBD is proved as an excellent treatment for people with seizures, the same thing can happen with autism. Our endocannabinoid system affects many functions in our body; among other things, a sense of fear, empathy, concentration, and interest in a particular person/subject, etc. CBD happened to show a positive influence on improving these symptoms.

Cannabidiol that enters our body activates the receptors of this system that are responsible for our focus, attention, and responses to stress and external stimuli. Specific amounts of CBD affect a decline in aggressive behavior, and also, patients observed improvements in verbal and non-verbal communication.

Patients, who regularly take the minimum prescribed dosage of CBD, show an increased interest in interacting with others. Since avoiding people and contacting them is one of the main symptoms of autism, it can be said that this is a significant improvement in this field.

People diagnosed with autism have low levels of oxytocin, also known as ‘happiness hormone’. That is the cause of their depressive behavior, aggression, and aversion to others. CBD activates receptors that boost the production of this hormone, thus affecting the processes that lead to the improved social interaction of autistic individuals.

Safety of Use

Since the symptoms of autism can be observed very early on (first signs of autism check here), the question is whether the methods of treatment for adults are suitable as therapy in autistic kids. It is essential to take care of the administration and dosage of CBD, which should be consulted by experts. CBD has caused a lot of controversy over its legality and safety of use, although there is evidence that it is not toxic and harmful to health.

Cannabidiol is one of the ingredients that we get from medical marijuana. Since tinctures used in the preparation of CBD products are obtained from the plant sorts with the highest level of cannabidiol (and minimum proportion of THC), there is no risk of psychoactive influence of this ingredient, even in kids.

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