Cannabis Cookbook Bible: 3 BOOKS IN 1 – 71 Medical Marijuana Edibles Recipes


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The Cannabis Cookbook Bible you have been waiting for is now ON SALE!Do you want to make unique and delicious Cannabis Infused Edibles such as sweets, candies, hot drinks, snacks salads, dressings, salsas, or perhaps a variety of main courses?If your answer is yes, stop looking! – You just found the right Book!BUY THIS BOOK NOW, AND GET STARTED TODAY!I hear you – What are Cannabis Edibles in the first place right?Cannabis pervaded products commonly referred to as Edibles, deliver additional option to patients who cannot, or rather not to smoke their Marijuana. Edibles come in several different varieties including brownies, candy, chocolate bars, cookies, drinks, pills, snacks, spreads, and much more.IN THIS BOOK YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT:•What kinds of Edible categories exist •What are the effects of Edibles•Edibles Dosing Recommendations•How to Decarboxylate Marijuana•How to make CannaMilk•How to make Cannabutter•How to make CannaOil and much more…This book contains a tasty and unique collection of cannabis recipes including all ingredients as well the instructions and preparations step by step! Some of the formulas in this book include;SWEETS AND CANDIES•Grass in Ice Cream•Stoned Gummy Bears•Flying Bananas•Marijuana Chocolate•Zonked Kief-Cookie•Cannabis-Cupcakes•Cannab-Ice-Cream•Cannasmoothie•Grass Carrot Cake•Canna-Cinnabon•Egg Muffin with Salad•Hungry Strawberries•Oreos with Grass•Apple-pHigh•Cinnamon Grass Rolls•Home-produced GrassNog•New York Cheesecake with Cannabis•Delirious Chocolate Cookies•Marijuana Infused Pancakes•Tripping Chocolate Pudding•Hyped Up Strawberry-Banana SmoothieHOT DRINKS AND SNACKS•THC Pervaded Coffee•Marijuana Stem Tea•Marijuana-Infused Hot Cocoa•Marijuana Chai Hot Cocoa•Bourbon and Marijuana Hot Cocoa•Lavender-Marijuana White Hot Cocoa•Nutella Hot Cocoa with a Marijuana•Grass Milk•Coconut Marijuana Oil•Marijuana-Infused Vodka•Hot Cocoa with Canna Milk•Marijuana-Infused Honey•Marijuana Peanut Butter•Grass Style Tacos•Homemade Canna Popcorn•Jalapeno CannaPoppers•Marijuana Spring RollsSTARTERS & SALADS•Herb-Infused Grilled Cheese•Easy Broccoli Grass Quiche•Marijuana Quinoa SaladPASTA DISHES•Smoky Mac N Cheese•Italian Garlic Cheese Pasta•Spaghetti Bolognese•Canna Macaroni & Cheese•Lemon Canna Dressing Salad with SpaghettiSANDWICHES AND BURGERS•Grilled PB & J Herb Sandwich•Tampered Mini BurgersMEET DISHES•THC Fried Chicken•Homemade Grass Schnitzels•Homemade GrassBalls in Tomato Sauce•Kush Chicken in a Pot•Canna Chicken Fajitas•Marijuana Chicken Avocado Chili•Turkey Sausage Potato Hash•Dank Baked Pizza•Cacciatore Canna-ChickenSAUCES AND SALSAS•Marijuana Cod In Caper Souce•Mango Cannabis Salsa•Gange GuacamoleFISH MEALS•Tuna Salad with Cannabis•Medical Pasta with Shrimp & Spinach•Cannabis SalmonVEGETARIAN DISHES•Veggie Mari-Lasagna•Veggie Canna Burger with Black Beans•Thai Stir Fry Canna Veggie, and much more…BUY THIS BOOK NOW, AND GET STARTED TODAY!

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