CBD Reviews and Coupons – Why It’s Important to Do Your CBD Research


In 2019, CBD has quickly ramped up and reserved its spot as one of the fastest growing industries. With this fast growing title, it brings along even more companies coming into the market to sell CBD. There are not only hundreds of brands to choose from but there are also dozens of different products that you can choose from.

Read Your CBD Reviews Before Committing

So, with all of these different products and brands, how do you know which one is right to choose? Reading reviews of products is one way to find out all of the information that will help you decide if this is in fact that right product for you.

How to Safely Buy CBD

Being aware and being informed

It is very important to know and understand what to look for when looking at CBD and choosing between multiple brands and products. Use this information to safely and efficiently purchase and use CBD.

Check to see if the product was tested by a third-party lab

If the answer is yes, then lab reports from the testing should be available to the public to view. If they aren’t available, it could mean a few different things. They simply could have just forgotten to post the results. They also may be hiding information that came up during the test. The result is all the same, though, that without the report then you can’t confirm what is or isn’t in the product and you should look at moving onto something else.

There is a lab report but now what do I look for in the report

Check to see if the lab that did the analysis is accredited. This will ensure that the proper procedures are followed by the lab. Also check to see when the lab report has been approved. Just because the product says lab-tested doesn’t mean it was recently tested and it very well may have been three years ago. Another thing to check for is to see if the report is free from any and all contaminants.

Make sure the product only contains .3% or less of THC

Each state determines what the legal amount is, and the maximum allowed amount typically is .3-.5%. This amount is what is considered safe to consume without any psychoactive effects.

There are creams out there that state they are just CBD, but you must look at the actual percent of thc in them to confirm.  If its higher the .5% then it’s not just a CBD but a Cannabis product. Having more then .5% of THC will get you high, you will still benefit from the

CBD but a lot of people purchase CBD for the health benefits not to get high.

Is the CBD Cream Full Spectrum

We get asked a lot about pricing for CBD, CBD is still fairly new, and a lot of people don’t know that there is large difference between normal CBD and full spectrum CBD.  Full Spectrum is usually more because it contains all the cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant in nature were other CBD products may not contain all the cannabinoids.   You receive more benefit from a full spectrum CBD product, and they are more expensive to make so of this is why there is such a price difference.

So how can looking at the reviews of the brand and the product help answer any or all of these questions? There are almost always multiple other people out there doing their research, as well, and if anything, it not accurate or acceptable, you will be sure to find it in the reviews. The best part about reviews is that those writing the reviews will almost always back up their information with links to things like lab reports or websites! This site is a good start for reading consumer reviews and will get you started off on doing your research!  CBD Reviews

Don’t forget to do your research before purchasing!

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