CBD v. THC and How they Help Insomnia


Struggling to sleep is a very common problem all over the world. Those of you who use medical marijuana know that both CBD and THC can be incredibly helpful for helping you to fall asleep at night.

But which one is more helpful, and how do they work with your body to help you to get to sleep and stay asleep? Let’s look into it.

What are Cannabinoids?

There are more than 100 cannabinoids in marijuana, but two of them do most of the work – CBD and THC. These two cannabinoids work fairly differently but both can help you to treat your insomnia and get to sleep easier every night.

Cannabinoids work with the endocannabinoid receptors spread throughout your central nervous system, brain and immune system to help bring your body back to a state of homeostasis. THC does this by increasing wakefulness while CBD works to relax you. Together, they tend to balance each other out.


THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is probably the better known of these two cannabinoids because it is what makes people feel high in marijuana. It is usually derived from marijuana which is why it is illegal in many states and countries around the world.


CBD, or cannabidiol, is usually derived from industrial hemp instead of the cannabis plant. Industrial hemp, which has a naturally low concentration of THC, was legalized to grow across the United States in the 2018 Farm Act. As a result, this is much easier to access for a lot of people than medical marijuana or products containing THC.

How Can Cannabinoids Help You Sleep?

Reduce Pain & Inflammation

Both CBD and THC help to reduce inflammation in your body which can help to make pain easier to handle both during the day and at night. This will help you to feel a lot better during the day and sleep a whole lot better at night.

Trigger Melatonin Production

The reason you’ll sleep better at night is because CBD triggers melatonin production. This means that your body will start to produce more melatonin and will continue to produce melatonin throughout the night. This will help you to get to sleep easier and stay asleep longer.

Reduce Anxiety & Depression

By helping you to sleep better and by lowering your heart rate and blood pressure, cannabinoids like these can help to make it easier for you to handle your day to day stressors and get better sleep overall.

Side Effects to Watch Out For

Before you use medical marijuana or either of these cannabinoids on their own, make sure you talk to a doctor. There are some serious things you need to make sure won’t be an issue for you.


If you are allergic to any grasses, you will want to watch out for using medical marijuana or any cannabinoid. Because the plants they are made from are grasses, you might also have an allergic reaction to the distilled version of their cannabinoids. Try some on a test patch of skin before you ingest it to keep yourself as safe as possible.

Medical Interactions

If you are already taking sleep medications, SSRIs or anticonvulsants, you will need to talk to your doctor before using any sort of cannabinoid. Because the cannabinoids enhance the effects of these drugs, it can create an issue for the user if they are not used carefully. Your doctor should be able to work with you to figure out how to make it work well for you.

Liver Problems

If you have any issue with your liver, taking either CBD or THC can put additional strain on an organ that is already struggling. Your doctor should be able to talk to you about whether these are right for you.

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