How to Harvest and Dry Hemp for CBD Production


CBD hemp production and distribution has now spread across borders and is now related to legalizing the import and export of CBD hemp flowers and its products. As far as the percentage in CBD hemp is lower or up to .3% not exceeding it, it is allowed to be distributed.

The federal agencies have now approved it and are now sold very easily online. There are many CBD hemp clinics have opened and doctors are prescribing it too. The scientific studies are taken out, clinical trials have been conducted and hence proved it is beneficial to human health treating numerous amount of disease, mental illness, and other health problems.

We will today study and bring some clear poems about how CBD plant harvesting is done and the methods of it. It is quite a knowledge to know what is the actual procedure of the production of CBD. We all intake the products without even knowing the method of its formation.

SO here we go, today we will tell you all about it. Hope you will find it useful.

Harvesting Process

The first thing e need to do is the harvesting of CBD. To harvest any plant breed, we need the right type of tools and the right equipment to carry out the task. We live in the world of technology so forget opting everything with hands only. We will use the right techniques which are developed over time and years. The farmers who do the cultivation of CBF hemp flowers are responsible to bring up the CBD hemp flower crop and keep the prices low for the distribution process after harvesting.

There are two types of methods involved when it comes to harvesting. The two methods are known as dry harvest and wet harvest.

Dry Harvesting

We will first discuss how dry harvesting procedure works. There is new equipment that came out recently and is know ad Kirpy hemp harvester. It is one of the best tools available which is quite useful carrying out the dry harvesting. This harvester is formed for the use of cutting and is specially designed to carry out this task. This equipment also does the notch and load the CBD hemp flowers after cutting it down. The equipment is a machine and can do a shift for 5 acres in a matter of a single day. The machinery plays a very important role because we want the CBD at its highest potent value. Kirpy harvester is a piece of great equipment that helps get the CBD plant in aright form matching its highest potent value.

Drying is the second step after the harvesting of the CBD hemp plant. Usually, every laboratory has a drying chamber specially designed to keep the CBD plants and the light is provided for them to grow and get dry. The temperature and humidity levels should be controlled by scientists. The procedure of drying is usually a weeks job. Some people can accomplish it in 2-3 days as well.

Now, at last, we use a tool called Buckmaster. It will help to separate the stems of the CBD hemp flower plant. Then the final step is to put the CBD hemp material in a dry trimmer. This will help to dry the CBD Hem flower in a faster manner. The machines are designed in a way that they can work for the whole day long.

This is the whole method of dry harvesting which is quite easy to follow. Machinery, right temperature plays a very vital role in order to consume right CBD hemp material and to its highest potency,

Wet Method

The use of Kirpy harvestor again is the first step. You can use big tractors and tools to carry out this task in a faster and more efficient way. Then we will use the second step. The equipment used is called buck master. This equipment cater to many functions including a wet washer which can carry out wet harvesting. The last step is to use the equipment known as to terminate wet which will help to do the final settlement. Patented Trim Logic is used to accomplish the task which is so much faster if compared with the humans to do it manually.

Last but not least drying is the last method that needs to be carried out similar to the dry harvesting methods. Right ventilation, the temperature needs to be noted on a set interval time. Things need to be looked after is to use the mesh which can be used for drying and the buds need to be flipped after every interval so that it gets dry from each side.


The above two methods of harvesting CBD hemp flowers are favorable and are used using new equipment. The equipment has made life so easy for the farmers and saves their lives. It will be so hard to carry out the farming manually just using the hands. especially if it is harvesting of acres of crop. Hope you find the article useful. There are IHF Hemp Biomass which are famous for producing CBD Hemp flower harvesting in tons of order and results in a very good potency level. Thus, CBD is very famous and is now being used widely. You can do CBD farming legally. Just for the safe site, every country has its own rules and regulations and just double check for the legalization of the harvesting of CBD hemp flowers.

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