MEDICAL MARIJUANA FOR GUMMIES: The Complete Comprehensive guide to using cbd gummies for anxiety, insomnia, pain relief and general wellness


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Do you take cannabis without having all the negative attributes attached to it?Learn how to use CBD to cure different medical illnesses in style. It is not new news to hear that CBD can now be used to cure medical conditions and their symptoms such as cancer, arthritis, seizures, back pain, etc. But how to use this miracle drug and what quantity to take is the problem. This book will show you a fun way to consume this drug. So many people love gummy bears and I am also guilty of this. It is not just the way it taste in the mouth when we consume it but also its cuteness and how it makes us feel. Then why not use this as a medicine. This book will teach you how to make gummy bear infused cannabis. Some people may prefer to use the already processed hemp plant such as CBD oil which is sold online and some may prefer to use their own marijuana to extract the oil. Whatever the case may be, you will enjoy your gummy bear. This book will show you how to use the different methods to make cannagummy. It contains 10 life transforming recipes that is easy to make. It also talks about how to make those you think is impossible to make. Some things you must note when practicing these recipes is that gelatin should not be heated in a very high temperature because doesn’t allow the candy to stick together as it should. You may begin to notice the final product will begin to dry up and crack. When you are heating the gelatin, you will start to notice some foam on it. As soon as this happens, it means that you are overheating.In this book, you will also learn the health benefits of the sugar-free ingredients used as well as how to make them at home.You can consume the cannagummy bear as is or if you need an extra pinch, you could simply set your microwave or heater to very low heat and allow the cannagummy bear to seat for 5 minutes before consuming. This reactivates the THC and CBD content which have been left dormant for a while. Do you know that you are not supposed to heat your gelatin until it boils? Do you know that the gelatin will begin to lose its quality as well as an effect when it gets to the boiling point? These is one major factor that makes the gummy bear candy not to act like the regular candy. Some reasons why you should make this recipe at home:You are sure of the quality of the CBD oilYou determine how you want to dilute itYou are sure of the health benefitYou determine the dosage And you have absolute freedom

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