Swapping from THC Use to CBD


Despite coming from the same plants, there is a vast difference between THC and CBD. While CBD is gentle, THC is harsh and has worse effects.

THC mainly comes from Marijuana, and users of the substance face the same effects Marijuana users face. Even though it has medical benefits, people use THC for the high effect, and consistent use can lead to addiction, mental disorders, and judgments distortion.

People using THC can opt to switch to CBD, which is pleasanter, legal, and healthier. Switching might be hard because of the THC strength, but if done correctly, users will find reprieve in CBD. Here is why.

CBD Safety

Whether you’re using THC for medicinal or recreational purposes, it is not healthy. If not handled well, patients are likely to become addicted to THC. THC is therefore unviable for recreational and medicinal purposes. Users switching from THC to CBD will find CBD gentler and safer. If you are looking for a reputable provider of Colorado-grown hemp and CBD oil, check out Vita Hemp Oil website.

Consumption Amounts and Effects

If you take THC, it means you’re exposed to real Marijuana, the tough stuff, associated with being high. THC can cause poor judgment, psychosis, delusions, and drastic mood changes. Meaning, when switching to CBD, it is like degrading from a concentrated to a gentler substance. After switching to CBD, you must take more portions to get to the levels you could reach after taking THC.

CBD Counters Effects of THC in the Brain

Patients using THC medications go through the known side effects from extreme nausea, to headaches, to psychosis. Medics use CBD with THC, to counter the side effects and help patients calm down. It is hard to quit THC at an instant and start using CBD right away. Instead of an abrupt switch, users can use the two compounds to together, as they reduce THC while increasing portions of CBD. By doing so, they will counter withdrawal symptoms until they find the right portion size of CBD to replace THC.


THC is still illegal in many states, even in countries where it is legal, there are many limitations to its use. If you’re taking THC for recreation, you must have a hard time hiding from authorities. The legality of CBD makes it a better and convenient option for health and recreational use.

Consumption Methods

As plants of the same mother plant, THC and CBD come in the same forms. Users do not, therefore, need to change their lifestyle or habits to accommodate CBD. You can switch from THC edibles to CBD edibles right off the bat.

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