What Are the Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana?


Marijuana is prominent for its many names? Also dubbed hashish, bhang, ganja, hemp, weed, pot, and more, it is the herb shrouded with a lot of contention. The discovery of marijuana dates back to the times of the Chinese Emperor, Shen Nung. Initially, people used hemp as a source of rope, fabric, and paper. However, things changed when colonial America discovered the immense benefits associated with the herb.

It is two centuries later that Sir William Brooke O’Shaughnessy, an Irish doctor discovered the medicinal properties of Mary Jane. Fast forward, governments across the globe are still adamant on not legalizing the strain. They believe that doing so will put many lives in danger. However, this article is meant to convince the world otherwise. With the following benefits, not even NATO can say no.

Creating New Job Opportunities

Marijuana with concentration of up to 80% of CBD is known as shatter and it has long been associated with abuse. Governments far and wide have labored to fight its use. As a result, many opportunities have been left untapped. However, all this can change with the legalization of the herb. Recall, marijuana, once authenticated for consumer use, will boost the farming industry. More farmers will grow the Shatter strain without the fear of getting reprimanded. It is the new markets that will foster trade hence new business opportunities. Additionally, a new breed of licensed traders will emerge, whether on the recreational or medicinal front. As a result, the authorities will solve the employment disparities experienced in different regions.

Solving a Myriad of Health Issues

Diseases affect people of all ages and races. Today, poor lifestyle choices make ailments more resilient hence amplified. Sadly, not even recent medical breakthroughs can solve some of the health issues people face today. Luckily, cannabis is excellent in doing this. Medical sources indicate that marijuana can not only treat chronic pain but also eliminate headaches, stress, anxiety, and depression. Above all, it alleviates appetite loss and nausea in cancer patients. In short, legalizing the herb will help people suffering from ailments like diabetes, back pain, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Crohn’s disease, Dravet’s Syndrome, and likes to find relief.

Boost Government Revenue Collection

Fighting cannabis use is not only unnecessary but also expensive. Agents tasked with enforcing the ban consume a significant chunk of taxpayer’s money. Recall, they must investigate, arrest, and prosecute offenders, something costly to facilitate. However, all of this can go away with legalization. New legislation that encourages marijuana use will advocate for increased revenue streams. Legalization will introduce new markets; a source that government agencies can capitalize on and boost earnings. Moreover, Mary Jane users will have to pay taxes for every tincture they use. When compounded, such a new opportunity will foster nation-wide development.

Mitigate Violence

Do you know bad policies can foster social injustices? Gangs develop when bad laws discourage consumers from receiving products and services they need. In short, banning cannabis only raises the demand for the product. Consumers then turn to the black market for assistance and encourage illicit businesses to grow. Factions then arise to control such a thriving economy, something that translates to social unrest. It is in light of this that hemp ought to get legalized to help mitigate the violence.

Promote Consumer Safety

You cannot control what you fight. In short, the fight against marijuana use poses a significant threat to consumer safety. After all, every single resource gets allocated to banning as opposed to product standardization. Users then smoke contaminated substances, and this then compounds to increased health risks. Without legalization, the situation will become worse. Therefore, legitimization is the only way to ensure that the consumer gets protected by law. Failure to that, new diseases will emerge, something that might spark a global crisis.

Foster Medical Research

Researchers can only make significant strides when marijuana gets legitimized. Legalization will increase the number of test subjects meaning the discovery of various cures will happen soon. Also, scientists will be confident about their work, given that they will now operate under a legitimate outfit. In a nutshell, legalization is the only way the world can succeed in its fight against disease and illicit cannabis use. It is the way to go.


Marijuana is the herb commonly isolated for its recreational properties. Global agencies have started to identify with the many benefits associated with hemp use. As a result, governments are discussing new legislation that will help support cannabis use. Once achieved, social and economic interests will get addressed, and the populace will benefit greatly. Also, the move will eliminate cartels known to operate drug networks. Above all, people suffering from a myriad of diseases will find better treatment. Therefore, it is only a matter of time that this booming industry explodes.

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