Why People are Beginning to Use CBD Oil in Their Hair 


In the past year, CBD oil has become quite popular as a solution to many health issues, including inflammation, anxiety, skincare, and massage therapy. The hair industry has benefited immensely from CBD oil. People are not just independently getting CBD oil for hair, several hair products now have CBD oil as a primary ingredient. 

Promotes Hair Growth

CBD oil contains fatty acids Omega-3, Omega 6, and Omega-9, which are easily absorbed by the scalp. Your hair needs the right nutrients for healthy growth. These fatty acids are not only crucial for your body but your hair as well. Eating foods rich in these fats naturally helps your hair. Applying CBD on your hair means the hair gets the boost it needs directly in the hair follicles.

CBD oil also contains GLA (gamma-linoleic acid), which is critical for cell survival. The condition of the hair follicle contributes significantly to the quality of your hair. GLA has anti-inflammation properties that help to maintain excellent scalp health which is necessary for hair growth.

Protects Hair from Damage

Your hair is made out of protein. This is why protein is necessary if you need to strengthen your hair. CBD oil contains all the 21 amino acids. These are building blocks of protein and help strengthen hair. The fatty acids in CBD also seal the cuticle, which in turn locks in moisture.

Extreme weather conditions, such as intense heat, can negatively affect even the best hair. CBD oil also contains vitamins A, C and E, which protects the hair from possible damage from the external environment.

Improves Scalp Health

The state of your scalp has a direct impact on the quality of your hair. Your scalp needs calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and Vitamin E for it to remain healthy. CBD oil has high doses of these elements, which are critical for the continuous production of sebum. CBD oil regulates sebum production, which is vital for all hair types. CBD oil is also great for dry and flaky scalps.

Halts the Destruction of Pigment Cells

Pigment cells are always at risk of destruction, especially from harsh weather conditions and hair products. If you use chemicals on your hair, your pigment cells are at an even higher risk. CBD oil penetrates the cells within the hair follicles, keeps them strong, and protects them from damage.

Promotes Hair Regrowth

About a third of American women see their hair fall off at some point in their lives. For any woman, the hair is considered a significant part of their beauty, and most get affected when their hair starts thinning or falling off. Those who have gone through this are now using CBD oil in a bid to see hair regrowth.

Hair is a critical part of beauty, especially for women. Many women argue that there are many options when it comes to skincare and limited choices in excellent hair care. CBD oil is bound to become more popular as its benefits continue to be seen by those who use it, especially in hair care.

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